About Forever Microbes
  • We are passionate about restoring life back to our soils.
  • We are trained by Dr Elaine's Soil Food Web to examine the microorganisms found in soil, compost, compost extracts or teas.
  • We give a lab report on the biomass or quantity of the different organism groups per gram of soil/compost.
  • Beneficial as well as disease-causing organisms are evaluated to give a good indication of the conditions in the soil.
  • For soil analysis we compare the results to the desired amounts for the specific plant you want to grow.
  • For compost analysis we compare the results to that of Biocomplete compost (meeting the minimum biological requirements outlined by Dr Elaine).
Major organism groups evaluated per gram of soil
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa
  • Nematodes

Bacteria feeding nematode


Beneficial fungi


Naked amoeba

Basic principles to keep microbes alive
  1. Do not till. It kills microorganisms.
  2. Limit the use of fertilizer. Too much salts can harm the microorganisms.
  3. Avoid herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Remember it kills not only diseases, but also beneficial microbes.
  4. Make use of cover crops or low growing perennial plants. Living roots feed biology. Use as much diversity as possible.
  5. Apply Biocomplete compost, compost extract and teas to establish beneficial organisms in your soil.
For more information contact soil food web consultant.